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PART 1: Circle the letter A, B, C or D that corresponds to the word or phrase that best completes each sentence. (10 points)
1. Neil Armstrong was the first man to ___________ foot on the moon.
A. try B. step C. set D. walk
2. Thomas Edison ________ many new appliances using electricity during his long career.
A. invented B. inventing C. who invented D. was invented
3. _________ further riot to occur, the government would be forced to use its emergency powers.
A. Should B. Did C. Were D. Had
4. Jack doesn’t like ________ such gossip and fallacy in sport.
A. to take himself on B. to get himself along C. engage himself in D. indulge himself of
5. New York and Tokyo are two of the most _______ populated cities in the world.
A. greatly B. densely C. variously D. closely
6. It can take up to more than six months to _______ a man to do this specialized work.
A. raise B. train C. learn D. practise
7. The longest movie I have ever seen in this cinema ________ for three hours.
A. stayed B. got C. lasted D. spent
8. James was looking for a(n) ________ to visit that wonderful island once again.
A. opportunity B. necessity C. destiny D. possibility
9. “Who is Susan getting married to?” _ “Some guy__________ since her childhood.”
A. who she has known B. have known her C. that have known her D. she has been known
10. “I had to take a taxi from the party last night.” _ “Oh. That’s too bad. You __________ my car.”
A. could have used B. was able to use C. could be use D. can use
11. Jackie has given such a great _________ that other dancers in the audience admire him so much.
A. performance B. result C. score D. action
12. The president has made many visits to Japan, ________ began today.
A. whose recent one B. the most recent of which C. which D. the most recent one
13. “Is it difficult to keep fish as pets?” _ “No, there isn’t much _________ care of them.”
A. to taking B. having taken C. to have taken D. taking
14. __________ to Jim myself, I can’t tell why he would do such terrible things.
A. Not to be speaking B. Not to have spoken
C. Because of not being spoken D. Not having spoken
15. If I were you, I would regard their offer with considerable _________ because it seems too good to be true.
A. doubt B. suspicion C. reservation D. disbelief
16. By the time we ________ the top of mountain, I think the rain will have stopped.
A. arrive B. come C. get D. reach
17. _________ people who were waiting for the bus under the rain down there are getting soak-wet.
A. Some B. Any C. Most of D. None
18. All fossil fuels are ________ resources that can not be replaced quickly.
A. unlimited B. non-renewable C. renewable D. available
19. She came to the airport only to find out that she _______ her passport at home.
A. would have left B. has left C. was leaving D. had left
20. At no time in history _________ such a diligent and brilliant fellow.
A. has Peter and his classmates ever met B. have Peter and his classmates
C. Peter and his classmates ever met D. Peter and his classmates had ever met.

PART 2: The following passage has some grammar as well as spelling errors. Underline the errors and write the correct forms in the space provided in the column on the right. Put a tick
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